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Photography is an artistic tool for visual communication for me.  I enjoy searching for unique and creative ways to connect to my subject, and to convey a story and/or an emotion to my audience.  I’ve come to appreciate that it’s what’s in my head that matters, and not so much the apparatus that separates me from the subject.

Color has always been a catalyst for me.  Whether I’m reveling in a joyous celebration or stressing over an issue that I’m trying to wrap my arms around, color helps me to define the situation and provides an anchor upon which to rest my thoughts and to devise a path that moves me forward.  Color can be uplifting for my spirit, but it can also facilitate a hiding place for me, where I can step back, ruminate, and be alone with my thoughts, creating a context within which my goals are set and activities are executed. Even though color remains a constant, my art as a photographer has evolved from images that capture a moment in time (or a preservation of a memory) to an art form that has a story component, and maybe sometimes a sense of feeling or emotion.  When I take a photograph, my intent is to invite the viewer into a world that I see through the lens.  That world represents an escape for me, and a leeway for new adventures – adventures that I wish to share with others.  And I need not travel far for that escape.   I sometimes get giddy when I create art out of the ordinary. 

Juried Exhibitions

  • Amanda Smith Gallery Photographic Arts: Color Exhibition. "Another Beach Day", "Adobe Morning".  Dec 8, 2023 - Jan 18, 2024

  • Art on BRiC Walls:  A Boca Raton Museum of Art Juried Exhibit.  "Confluence", "Climb". October 2023.  Boca Raton, FL

  • Art on BRiC Walls:  A Boca Raton Museum of Art Juried Exhibit of Photography.  "Gilded".  October 2022.  Boca Raton, FL

  • Black Box Gallery.  Color:  Photography Now   Gallery Exhibition. "High Roller".  November 2021.  Portland, OR

  • ArtServe Superficial Impressions Photography Exhibition.  “Searstown Fading” Body of Work.  July 2021.  Fort Lauderdale, FL  

  • Black Box Gallery.  Dynamic:  Shadow and Light, Online Annex Exhibition.  “Tunnel Vision”.  October 2020.  Portland, OR 

  • The Motif Collective Sunrise and Sunset Online Exhibition. Shortlist Finalist – “Annapolis Sunrise”.  June 2020.  

  • The Motif Collective Black and White Photo Online Exhibition, Shortlist Finalist – “Out-Side".  April 2020. 

  • Black Box Gallery.  Focus:  Shadow and Light, Online Annex Exhibition. “The Follower”.  March 2020.  Portland, OR  

  • Black Box Gallery.  Vision:  Color Photography, Online Annex Exhibition.  “Pool Time”.  December 2019.  Portland, OR  


  • reFocus Awards:  2023 Black & White Photo Contest. Silver Distinction in Event. "Pushing". December 2023.

  • Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts:  CAFA + Photo 2022 Virtual Exhibit.  Third Place.  "Steppers".  November 2022.

  • 2022 Black and White Show.  Colors of Humanity Art Gallery.   Winners List "In Memoriam" and "Entwined".  July 2022.

  • 2022 All Cityscape Artist Competition.  Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO).  Photography & Digital Art Category. 4th Place Winner - Winners List -  "Morning Fog".  April 2022

  • 15th Annual International Color Awards.  Amateur Honorable Mention in Sport - "Escape".  March 2022.  Los Angeles, CA

  • 2022 All Women Artist Competition. Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO).  Photography & Digital Art Category.  Gallery Choice Winner -  Winners List   -  "Water Falls".  March 2022.  

  • 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards.  Amateur Nominee in Fine Art  - "Rollin".   Amateur Nominee in People  - "Tunnel Vision.  October 2021.  Los Angeles, CA

  • 14th Annual International Color Awards.  Amateur Nominee in Silhouette – “Beach Bike”.  Amateur Nominee in Architecture -  “Awakening”.  March 2021. Los Angeles, CA 

  • 15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards. Amateur Honorable Mention in Fine Art –“Conversation”.  November 2020.  Los Angeles, CA  

  • 13th Annual International Color Awards. Amateur Nominee in Architecture – “Corseted Rooftop”.  March 2020.  Los Angeles, CA

  • 14th Annual Black & White Spider Awards. Amateur Nominee in People – “Liberty Call”. October 2019.  Los Angeles, CA  

  • My Annapolis Adventure by Historic Inns of Annapolis, 1st Place Winner – “Annapolis Sunrise". July 2019.  Annapolis, MD

  • 12th Annual International Color Awards. Amateur Nominee in Architecture – “Prismic Façade”.  March 2019. Los Angeles, CA 


  • Impressionography - Online Exhibition.  Featured Artist Debbie Scott-Queenin. "Dewy Morning". August 2023

  • Edge of Humanity - Architecture.  Featured Artist Debbie Scott-Queenin.  "Path of Color"  March 2023

  • Artsy Shark Featured Artist.  Featured Artist Debbie Scott-Queenin.  December 2022.

  • Black & White Magazine Smartphone Contest, Issue #156. "Starry Night". December 2022. 

  • ArtServe Memories and Revolutions Exhibition.  July 2022.  Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Black & White Magazine Smartphone Contest, Issue #149. "Convex" and "Cracked".  December 2021.

  • The Art of Photography (U.S) Online Presentation to Meetup group members.  “As I See It” Portfolio of Work.  May 2021.  

  • Digital Photo Magazine Challenge #10 Reflections.  Selected for online gallery – “Convex”.  February 2021.  

What They're Saying...

CAFA + Photo 2022 Virtual Exhibition:  "Steppers"  This setting evokes a de Chirico urban landscape with the massive columnar forms on the right and the strong horizontal lines of the steps jutting into infinity, all of which is offset by the azure blue sky and figures moving through space. The two figures in the distant center create a small vertical offset while the runner bounding up the steps in the right foreground makes for a dynamic counterpoint with implied motion and energy that balances, enlivens and humanizes the scene.  George Schaub, Juror

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